Wild Bird Seed - bird feeders

Photograph by Richard Ford

Bird feeders for wild birds

Wild bird feeders come in a wide range of types and sizes. Their purpose is to make food accessible to wild birds, while being protected from the elements and other animals such as squirrels and rats which might eat it.

WWF have a wide range of good feeders at http://shop.wwf.org.uk/wildlife

RSPB have a nice range of reasonably priced feeders here http://shopping.rspb.org.uk/c/BirdFeeders.htm and are also a good online source for wild bird food supplies

A good ground feeder for blackbirds and other ground feeding birds such as robins is this cast iron one shown below, complete with raisins and dried meal worms, their favourites!

metal wild bird ground feeder

This one below is a sturdy wooden bird table which keeps the food dry and well off the ground. It can accomodate lots of wild birds feeding at the same time so reduces squabbling, and has an overhanging roof to keep rain off the food and the birds dry while feeding.

wild bird table


In some situations, squirrels may be a problem, and will take all the bird food and bury it! This is avoided by squirrel proofing your wild bird feeder, or by buying a purpose built squirrel proof bird feeder, and as autumn approaches you could visit Bird Feeders 4 Less for Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders at great prices.



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