Wild Bird Seed - bird seed mixtures

Mixed bird seed

Bird seed is available by the bag and mixed into various different kinds of seed mixtures.

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There are a range of companies that offer mixed bird seed. Here are just a few of them.

Ark Wildlife have a range of bird foods that are excellent quality, clean, and the birds love them. Ark Wildlife Limited

Mixed corn
This is traditionally the food given to chickens. blueworldgardener.co.uk is one supplier, you may have one near you such as Countrywide.

Wild Bird Seed Mix
The Mix contains. Wheat. Cut Maize. canary Seed. Red Dari. White Millet. Black Rape. Linseed. Black Sunflower. Small Sunflower. 20Kg Sack from thebirdfoodshop.co.uk on sale from their ebay shop.

Variety BULK pack
50kg made up of 1 x 12.55kg High energy no mess 1 x 12.55kg Sunflower Hearts 1 x 12.55kg Peanuts for wild birds 1x 12.55kg All seasons wild bird mix from food4wildbirds.co.uk is often on offer.

Feeder Deluxe
Field and Garden's premium version of the Feeder Favourite including no mess sunflower hearts Contains:Sunflower kernels, pinhead oatmeal, safflower, chopped peanuts, hempseed, cut maize and Field & Garden's wild bird blend.

CJ No Mess Seed Mix
CJ Wildlife A versatile seed mix providing essential nutrients to garden birds.

Living with birds

Living with birds.com offer a very wide range of mixes at good prices. They also stock a range of feeders, nest boxes, camera systems and food for other wildlife.

If you offer mixed bird food for sale and would like your company to feature in this list please email us at info@wild-bird-seed.co.uk


Some common garden wild birds and their preferred foods

Blackbird - fruit, peanut nibs, raisins, mealworms

Blue Tit - peanuts, peanut cake, seed mixes, sunflower hearts, black sunflowers

Bullfinch - sunflower hearts, seed mixes, black sunflower seeds

Chaffinch - peanut nibs, seed mixes, sunflower hearts

Coal Tit - peanuts, peanut cake, seed mixes, sunflower hearts, black sunflowers

Collared Dove - mixed corn, seed mixes, table seed, grain

Dunnock - Nyjer seed, pinhead oats, peanut nibs

Goldfinch - sunflower hearts, Nyjer seed, black sunflowers, peanuts, seed mixes

Great Tit - peanuts, peanut cake, seed mixes, sunflower hearts

Greenfinch - black sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, seed mixes

House Sparrow - mealworms, seed mixes, sunflower hearts, mixed corn

Long-Tailed Tit - peanuts, peanut cake, sunflower hearts, peanut nibs

Robin - mealworms, peanut nibs, sunflower hearts, pinhead oats, grated cheese

Siskin - sunflower hearts, peanuts, black sunflowers, Nyjer seed

Song Thrush - earthworms, fruit, mealworms, peanut nibs

Starling - scraps, seed mixes, peanut cake, mealworms, grated cheese

Wren - mealworms, finely chopped peanut cake, grated cheese, pinhead oats



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