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Bird species


There are many birds who live in our gardens or visit them on a regular basis. There are also those occasional visitors that you see from time to time. The birds below are listed alphabetically. If you are looking for identification of birds, there are some absolutely stunning pictures of British wild birds, as well as other animals on this site.

Barn Owl Blackbird  Blackcap Black-headed Gull



Black Redstart Blue Tit Brambling brambling Bullfinch bullfinch


Buzzard buzzard Carrion Crow carrion crow Chaffinch chaffinch Chiffchaff chiffchaff


Coal Tit coat tit Collared Dove collared dove Common Gull common gull Coot coot


Crested Tit crested tit Crossbill crossbill Cuckoo cuckoo Dunnock dunnock


Feral Pigeonferal pigeonFieldfarefieldfareGarden Warblergarden warblerGoldcrestgoldcrest


Goldfinchgold finchGoshawkgoshawkGreat Black-backed Gullgreat black-backed gull


Great Spotted Woodpecker great spotted woodpecker Great Tit great tit Greenfinch greenfinch


Green Woodpecker green woodpecker Grey Heron grey heron Grey Partridge grey partridge


Grey Wagtail grey wagtail Hawfinch hawfinch Herring Gull herring gull Hoopoe hoopoe


House Martin house martin House Sparrow house sparrow Jackdaw jackdaw Jay jay


KestrelkestrelKingfisherkingfisherLapwinglapwingLesser Blackbacked Gulllesser black-backed gull


Lesser Spotted Woodpecker lesser spotted woodpecker Lesser Whitethroat lesser whitethroat Linnet linnet


Little Owl little owl Long-eared Owl Long-tailed Tit long tailed tit Magpie magpie


Mallardmallard Marsh Tit marsh tit Meadow Pipit meadow pipit Mistle Thrush mistle thrush


Moorhenmoorhen Nightingale nightingale Nuthatch nuthatch Peregrine Falcon peregrine falcon


Pheasantpheasant Pied Flycatcher pied flycatcher Pied Wagtail pied wagtail Quail quail


Raven raven Red Kite red kite Red-legged Partridge red legged partridge Redpoll redpoll


Redstart redstart Redwing redwing Reed Bunting reed bunting Ring-necked Parakeet red necked parakeet


Robin robin Rook rook Sand Martin sand martin Serin serin


Short-eared Owl short eared owl Siskin siskin Skylark skylark Song Thrush song thrush


Sparrowhawk sparrow hawk Spotted Flycatcher spotted flycatcher Starling starling Stock Dove stock dove


Stonechat stonechat Swallow swallow Swift swift Tawny Owl tawny owl


Treecreeper treecreeper Tree Sparrow tree sparrow Turtle Dove turtle dove Waxwing waxwing


Whinchat whinchat Whitethroat whitethroat Willow Tit willow tit Willow Warbler willow warbler


Wood Pigeon wood pigeon Wren wren Yellow Wagtail yellow wagtail Yellowhammer yellow hammer



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