Wild Bird Seed - camera nest boxes

Photograph by Richard Ford

Camera Nest Boxes

A good way to extend your enjoyment of wild birds that visit your garden is with a video camera nest box. Once installed and connected up, you just wait for the birds to move in, build a nest and lay their eggs. You can watch as the young hatch and are fed by the parents until the time comes when they leave the nest.

If you fancy a camera nest box, but don't want to get a ready-made one, this site is a good resource on building and equipping your own DIY camera nest box. Another site which gives helpful advice is this. You can purchase camera kits, either black and white or colour from a number of suppliers. These days they are extremely small devices which can be connected to a PC via cable or wi-fi.

It used to be the case that to build a custom nest box with a small camera fitted inside, was a job for an expert, but now you can buy the whole thing ready to go from here. Or for Complete Nest box Kits - Click here.

Camera nest boxes come with a camera fitted [either B&W or colour], which gives a sharp image of the wild birds in the nest. A heavy duty metal hole protector helps prevent damage by squirrels and woodpeckers who otherwise might scratch or peck the hole larger to get in. The box is made from long-lasting wood with a hinged lid to give access to the camera without disturbing the birds, and is convertible for use for several species of wild birds. Size 1 is for Bluetits, Marsh Tits, Coal Tits or Wrens, size 2 is for Great Tits and Sparrows, and size 3 is for Robins, Wagtails and Spotted Flycatchers.

This box from Ecotopia is a ready made kit

complete with nest box, camera and wiring,

ready to install in the garden and connect

to your PC

camera nest box






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