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I watched this crow see off a fox which had walked too near his nest and young. He flew round the fox as he trotted away, and landed several times quite near to reinforce the point, walking deliberately, and I thought agressively, towards the fox. His mate kept watch from a distance, but I've seen the pair doing the same thing to the same fox, who is just walking past on his way home and I'm sure he's uninterested in the crow's nest!

The fox and the crow

crow and fox


Sparrow baby sunning itself on a warm roof, late October 2008



And having a little sleep



Awake again



Female blackbird in early May. This is Ruthin, mate of Derryn Dhu below. Note the difference in colour

female blackbird


Male blackbird on the roof, early May. This is Derryn Dhu, very tame and used to us, note his two white tail feathers

male blackbird

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