Wild Bird Seed - sunflower seeds

The sunflower is an impressive giant plant with a huge magnificent flower. Once the flower has finished blooming, the head fills with seeds, each one a juicy morsal packed with goodness for wild birds.

Sunflower seeds are very high in energy and provide many of the nutrients that birds need and prefer. Most seed-eating wild birds prefer sunflower seeds to most other seeds.

You can grow your own sunflowers from packets of seeds available from your local gardening shop or many other shops which sell seeds. Look for those with black seeds which commercial sunflower oil is made from, not the striped variety which are largely grown for sweets and cooking. By September you should have your own ample supply of sunflower seeds for wild birds to feed from.

Sunflowers are available as either single bloom plants which usually have a large head of approx. 20-30 inches in size, or multi-headed varieties - similar to the wild sunflower plant with dozens of small heads.


black sunflower seeds for wild birds                                           striped sunflower seeds

       These black seeds are best for wild birds, being high in oil      These striped seeds are low in oil, so best avoided






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