Wild Bird Seed - your comments

We would love to receive your comments, either on this website or on your wild bird feeding experiences.

Do you have regular wild bird visitors? Do you have names for them? How close do they come to you?

Some wild bird species are in decline, but it's notoriously difficult to get accurate data as a rarity in one area could be commonplace in another. The RSPB carry out an annual survey of wild birds, asking people to fill in a form listing the wild birds they see visiting their garden on one day, and this is helpful to give an overall picture nationally, but is rarely the whole story.

Let us know your sightings of 'rare' wild birds, and if you can get a photograph, send it to us and we'll include it here.


I have lots of birds in my garden which I feed. I also give them names. Good to know it is not just myself who does this! You will be pleased to know that I have large colonies of house, hedge & tree sparrows in my garden. Jill


We had a nice little flock of Redwings visit our garden today [January 15]. They didn't stay for very long but it was good to see them.
Patrick, Norwich


First time for seeing a Lesser-spotted Woodpecker, feeding from the bird feeder close to the house. Peter, Glasgow


Saw a Treecreeper for the first time ever. Aptly named, creeping about a Cedar with no apparent effort, a tiny bird. Pete, Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk








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